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##cosmic #psych #americana #country #rocknroll

“(..) a bold and bright psychedelic rock sound. It’s an expansively jam-affiliated situation but with a firm handle on songwriting. Cosmic? Oh, yes indeed.” -  The Vinyl District


Availability  EU/UK Tour Sept/Oct 2023

Territories EU/UK

Booking jonas[at]yayayeahmusic[dot]pt

⇨ Selft-titled debut LP came out in 2022 via ORG Records and Aquarium Drunkard

⇨ Toured recently w/ Kikagaku Moyo, Fuzz, Circles Around The Sun, ++

Color Green is an American Rock and Roll Duo based in Los Angeles, consisting of Noah Kohll (Current Joys, Young Guv, Surf Curse, Dark Tea) and Corey Madden (Richard Rose, Grave Flowers Bongo Band).Their sound culls from the eternal solitude of working musicians, the feeling of infinite transition, and the need to create a space that transmits the strange sounds of American music. Pulling from the Allman Brothers, Acetone, the Grateful Dead, and other acts from the dusty storage boxes of their attics, Color Green are searchers for a continuation of classic songwriting through the use of collaboration and close examination of the relics of yesterday's past, while maintaining the spirit of their present selves. 

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