YA YA YEAH is an independent music company based in Portugal. Founded in 2015 by Jonas Gonçalves, YYY started as a result of many years of experience working as promoter and producer. Throughout the years, YYY has been changing and evolving in order to keep updated and to improve its services. 

During the first two years, YYY main focus was the promotion of concerts in Portugal. You can check YYY’s events here. With the release of Astrodome’s first album and the need to book an European Tour for the band, YYY jumped into the world of booking. To know more about YYY’s European or Iberian/Portuguese Tours, click here.

Now, representing the booking of bands and artists from all over the world is one of YYY’s main activities. Covering a wide musical spectrum by representing artists from various genres, YYY’s focus is always the search of surprising music and stunning stage presences in live showsThe Physics House Band, Slift, Mars Red Sky and Laure Briard are only a few examples of great artists that YYY has been collaborating with. Check our full roster here

We can proudly say that YYY is now an established artist management company, a booking agency, a record label, a concert producer and a promotion agency. 


YYY’s mission is to make the greatest concert experiences available to music fans through the creation of strong and long-term partnerships with artists, bands, venues, promoters and media agents. 

YYY wants to have artists and bands that excite and inspire us reaching their full potential by providing them a set of professional and complementary services. We work close with a great network of trustworthy contacts from venues, festivals, promoters and media partners around Europe. 

- Booking/Tour Booking

- Management 

- Production

- Promo/Media