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BE // La vida es un mus, ultra eczema


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#computer-punk #lo-fi #no-wave

“(...) a cross between Los Angeles electro-punks The Screamers, early no-wave bands (like the original DNA) with one of San Francisco's Mutants on vocals, and occasional blurts of punk guitar” -  The Wire


Availability  Festivals/Special Shows

Territories EU/UK(exc. Benelux)

Booking jonas[at]yayayeahmusic[dot]pt

⇨  LP 'Working Out In Heaven' came out in 2023 via La Vida Es Un Mus

⇨  Recently performed Fusion Festival Grasnapolsky, Grauzone, Absolutely Free Festival, Leffingeleuren,...

Brorlab is Sam, Raf and Casper, three friends who got to know each other in the thriving garage scene in Antwerp 2016.  

Brorlab gigs are short, powerful, warm-hearted.
Armed with a voice, guitar, bass and a smartphone, they delight the audience.

Psychedelic gabber punk and smartass hits!

In 2020 they released their first record on the Antwerp label Ultra Eczema. A week later, the record was already sold out.

The second album "Working out in Heaven" got released in 2023 on London based label La Vida Es Un Mus.

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