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#post-punk #experimental #noise #rock #pop

“(...) knotted up chords and leads that signal an interest in both psychedelia and the avant garde, rhythms that meander happily and vocals that are equal parts harried and narcotized."  Paste Magazine


Availability  EU/UK Tour Fall 2023

Territories EU/UK

Booking jonas[at]yayayeahmusic[dot]pt

⇨ Second LP "5-3-8" came out in 2022 via Innovative Leisure

⇨ Mexican Tour w/ APTBS last summer

Dendrons hit the road before they even knew exactly where they were headed. On New Year’s Day 2018, Dane Jarvie and Zak Sprenger first convened in Chicago to start a new project, recording a demo at home by the seat of their pants, and almost immediately after, began to play shows.

With a band name chosen by flipping through books in the library (“Dendron” is Greek for “tree”) and a sound and lineup in healthy evolution as they bounced around North America, Dendrons were finding who they were in front of a live audience. They put out their debut in 2020.

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