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#pop #indie #alternative

“(...) aa search for glimmers of hope among chaos, tragedy, dread, banality; an appeal to the human capacity for collective feeling – all underpinned by lightning sparks of brilliant, buoyant late-night pop” -  NME


Availability  EU/UK Tour Jun-Jul 2024

Territories EU/UK

Booking jonas[at]yayayeahmusic[dot]pt

⇨  New LP to come out in 2024

FERLA is the project of Giuliano Ferla, the multi-instrumentalist songwriter and Melbourne music stalwart. FERLA make disco-depresso and post-romantic pop. Big feels or your money back. Their most recent release was 2022’s Personal Hotspot, which was featured by NME and nominated for the coveted Australian Music Prize (AMP), while lead single ‘I See You’ was selected as Today’s Top Track on L.A. tastemaker radio station, KCRW. Personal Hotspot is a fever dream, with hazy synths, seductive percussion, and smooth, disarming baritone. Lyrically, Giuliano sings to the socially hypocritical, the poilitically unjust and the embarassingly personal, all backed by steezy disco and after-dark pop. 

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