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#heavy #blues #psych #prog #rocknroll #duo

"(...) costumes, dueling vocals, furious percussion, wailing keys, and more gongs than there are members in the band"  KEXP


Availability  Festivals / Special Shows 

Territories Portugal + Spain

Booking jonas[at]yayayeahmusic[dot]pt

⇨ New LP to come out in 2025

Camille & Colin Goellaen Duvivier are brothers. One plays the drums, the other the keyboards, and both sing. Together, they prove you don’t need guitars to play rock’n’roll. Having earned their stripes in the band Smooth Motion, the two musicians play heavy psych, a musical hybrid that came to life at the end of the 60s when early hard rock and progressive rock were yet to eve lay out their rules. Somwhere between Huriah Heep and Black Diamond Heavies, live on stage Moundrag are powerful and energetic, and hold a special place for improvisation.

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