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#classic #heavy #psych #blues #rock

“(...) plenty of flavours from Purple to Tull via Heart and late 60s British rock” -  RAMZine

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Availability  EU/UK Tour Spring 2025 + Festivals / Special Shows 

Territories EU/UK

Booking jonas[at]yayayeahmusic[dot]pt

⇨  New LP to come out in 2025

⇨ FIrst LP "Who Do They Think They Are?" came out in 2023 via Tee Pee Records

Sweat is a four piece Swiss American rock band based in Pittsburgh, PA. Lead vocalist and organist Sue Pedrazzi left her home in Basel, Switzerland with a hungry heart for authentic vintage rock and found Steel City gemstones Richard Stanley (RICH), Dan Hernandez (Limousine Beach, Cruces) and Kayla Schureman (Century III).


Together, they combine British prog rock sensibilities, the fragile beauty of American folk, and just a dash of that sexy 70s schmaltz. Sweat draws from their influences (Deep Purple, The Who, Heart) and truly inhabit what they borrow to make something fresh.


Consider Sweat a loving homage to the day you found a record in your parents' stash that changed your life forever. It is a familiar kind of rock n roll— but it deserves your full attention.

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